Would you like to:

Boost your confidence?
Grow your skills?
Use your free time productively?
Make new friends?
Give back to your community?
If you tick any of these boxes, then please contact us about volunteering opportunities at Eat That Frog!

We involve volunteers of all ages and welcome people from any area of our diverse community. Volunteering does not need to affect your benefits if you are out of work, and can be a great plus on your CV if you are looking for work. There are all kinds of opportunities for you to gain new experience, meet new people and share knowledge and you can use your skills and energy to brighten up the lives of other people. These could include working with our learners or helping out at our Lunchclub or pop-up cafes. Your time is valuable, so how much or little time you can offer you can be assured that you are making a positive difference.

Call us on 01803-551551 to find out more.

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