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Courses designed to bring back your confidence in numbers.

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  • Required Age

    Are aged 19+ and do not already have a GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) in Maths​

  • Locations


  • Course Length

    Programme 1
    2 hrs p/w for 4 weeks

    Programme 2
    Online: 5hrs p/w for 8 weeks
    Part-time: 5hrs p/w for 8 weeks
    Intensive: 20hrs p/w for 2 weeks

    Programme 3
    2 hrs p/w for 3 weeks

  • Times/Dates

    See Course Descriptions


Are you 19+ and get anxious when it comes to Maths? 

You’re not alone 57% of the working age adult population in England are in the same boat!

Three in 10 people say they are not a “numbers person”. 


It’s our aim to change that. 


  • Multiply offers easy access to free numeracy courses and initiatives that can help you brush up your maths skills and help you become more confident with numbers. Whether you need help in managing your bills, budgeting or you want to improve your potential at work. 

Check your Numeracy Level

Our short quiz will help you to understand where you might want to brush up on your numbers.

There are 6 multiple-choice numeracy questions, it will take around 5 minutes to complete and you may use a calculator if you wish. The quiz will also help explain how to get to the correct answer.

Help your children with Maths homework, understand your bills or improve your skills at work.

Multiply is for those who:

Pick the course that's right for you!


Increase your confidence in Numeracy – beginners course recommended as the first step towards gaining a formal numeracy qualification.

Breakdown of Programme 1

Group Size: Max of 6 people

4 x tailored courses focused on lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing, household bills and work/income. Focused on developing confidence with numbers for everyday use, changing mindsets towards numeracy, better money management. 

Course length:

Engagement Session: 2 hrs

Course: Each course will be delivered one day a week for 4 weeks for a duration of 2 hours .


Total Hours per course: 10 hrs


A learner led option, tailored to meet individual needs towards gaining a qualification.

New, intensive and flexible numeracy courses targeted at people without Level 2 Maths, leading to a Functional Skills Qualification. Recommended for those without a Level 2 Maths qualification. Available online, intensive face to face of part time face to face.

Breakdown of Programme 2

Group Size: Online or Max of 6 people

Access to online resources through the CENTURY platform. After initial assessment – stepping stones will be provided to meet individual needs from Entry Level to Level 2. A mentor will be available online and face-to-face to help progress towards a functional skills qualification. 

Course length:

Engagement Session: 2 hrs

Online course: 5 hrs per week for 8 weeks

Part time, face-to-face course: 5 hrs per week for 8 weeks

Intensive, face-to-face course: 20 hrs per week for 2 weeks

Total Hours per course: 42 hrs


Numeracy activities, courses or provision developed in partnership with community organisations.

Breakdown of Programme 3

Group Size: Max of 6 people with 1:1 sessions as required.

Five tailored activities focused on DIY, crafting, baking, lifestyle and gardening. Informal sessions to help you become more confident with numeracy in everyday activities.

Course length:

Engagement Session: 2 hrs

Courses: Each course is delivered one day a week for 3 weeks for a duration of 2 hrs

Total Hours per course: 8 hrs

Wanting to retake your GCSE Math?

We will support you through your study and help you find out where you can retake your exam. 

Don’t let maths worry you, take the next step with Multiply and find the right course to help build your confidence and ability.

Visit to find out about Multiply offers and take your next step to better numeracy.

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