IT and Computers

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel confused and frustrated by technology. If you’ve not needed to use computers, or have been out of the job market for a while, you may feel like you’ve been left behind. Don’t despair, our courses are designed to help you get up-to-speed with the skills you need for effective job searching and applications - and for impressing your new employer!

New to computers? You are not alone! This 4 day course is designed for the absolute beginner, introducing you to the safe use of computer equipment and teaching you some terms and actions. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never really used a computer before, you will learn in a small group of like-minded adults in our modern and relaxed centres. 

Want to start improving your skills in the most widely-used and useful computer package? 

This 4 day course will help you create text documents such as letters and reports using text and images. You’ll discover simple tools to help format your documents attractively and to check them for accuracy. 

Struggling with the online world? Over 2 sessions, this course will help you learn how to navigate the internet, locate information, and complete on-line forms in a secure manner. You’ll also find out how to send and receive emails safely and effectively, and to attach files to your messages. Ideal for job-seekers! 

This 3 day course will help you take your skills further by learning more about email and internet. You’ll learn how to use settings on your internet browser to keep you save and save you time! You’ll also identify opportunities to communicate information online, ways to spot spam emails and minimise internet security risks. 

Excel is a great piece of software that is widely used for business and admin, but can also be helpful for creating household budget spreadsheets and for costing DIY projects!
This 2 day session will get you started on the basics, learning how to enter and edit numbers accurately, use formula and tool settings to summarise your data. You’ll be shown how to create simple charts and graphs and how to select the right page layout to present your info. 

This 2 day course gives you useful extra skills, such as creating and modifying tables in order to present information more effectively. You’ll also learn more tips to help you use templates, format your work to make it more attractive and combine info from different sources into your finished document. 

Develop your Excel skills by learning more about calculations and functions, with extra tools and techniques to summarise and display your information. You’ll explore different styles of charts and graphs and ways to format your info to make it more effective and accurate. 

This powerful package is widely used in business settings, but can also be fun for putting together slide-shows of family holidays or creating simple presentations. This two day course will help you create presentations using words, images and simple animations that will help you get your message across in an effective and attractive way! 

If you’ve achieved Level 1, you can now benefit from four days of in-depth guidance to become a Word whiz!
You will develop your ability to create documents with structure and style, combining and merging information from a variety of sources and learn how to mail merge. You’ll learn more about formatting characters, paragraphs and sections and be able to trouble-shoot any quality problems. 

If you’ve achieved Level 1, you can now take Excel to the next level, with pro-tips to help your spreadsheet skills shine!
After this course, you’ll be able to combine and link data across different worksheets, analyse and manipulate data to meet project / company requirements and describe how to find errors and hopefully put them right! 

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