We aim to bring many different people from the community together, including our students across our centres, our adult learners and the public, into a space where they can learn and develop their skills and knowledge around Horticulture in a fun, engaging and purposeful way.

Our students work alongside their tutors to develop the site into an area where fruit and vegetables can be grown, to help supply the catering kitchen and students with the freshest produce.

There are also opportunities to be involved in other projects around the site, some examples from this year have been:

Critter Corner

Our Parkfield site offers hands-on opportunities for anyone wishing to work in horticulture or grounds maintenance. We have been undertaking renovation of the park grounds as part of our community work, restoring the area toa aplace of beauty for local families, dog-walkers and residents. We have created a garden area, which we aim to expand over the coming years, providing fresh produce for our trainee chefs to use in the kitchen. We have also undertaken construction projects, repairing walls, fences and clearing overgrown areas of woodland.