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19 +


6 Weeks


  • Required Age

    Are aged 19 +

  • Locations

    Newton Abbot
    + Gran Canaria

  • Length

    Six Weeks

  • Times



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Are you 19 + and want the adventure of a lifetime?

An accredited course covering:-

You must be on low income or claiming benefits to apply.

What's included?

Travel (to and from the airport from a single location) and accommodation and food and drink. (In Gran Canaria)

Passports, clothes, cases, toiletries and pocket money (for those that meet the criteria**)

**house hold income of under £25K, care background, carers, in receipt of free school meals, refugee/asylum seeker. Must have turned 19 by 31st August 2022


Travel Breakdown
19 - 30 years old

Classroom based learning in Torbay
(20th Feb – 2nd Mar)

Gran Canaria
(6th Mar – 27th Mar)

Classroom based learning in Exeter
(29th Mar – 4th April)


30 - 50 years old

Classroom based learning in Torbay
(26th Jun – 29th Jun)

Gran Canaria (3rd Jul – 24th Jul)

Classroom based learning in Exeter
(26th Jul – 28th Jul)

50+ years old

Classroom based learning in Plymouth
(24th Apr – 4th May)

Gran Canaria
(8th May – 29th May)

Classroom based learning in Plymouth
(31st May – 2nd June)


Get back your self confidence, independence and return to the UK with a new lease of life and ready to find that job!

What people are saying


Eat That Frog’s aim is to enable people to identify and overcome their barriers to live a more fulfilled life. We do this by providing person centred education and mentoring funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) alongside community-based services.


The Turing project is a six-week programme – a once in a lifetime opportunity where participants will have the chance to undertake work experience during their 3 weeks in Gran Canaria.


The programme is funded through Turing and the ESFA through the adult education budget.  Every person who starts this programme is enrolled on an accredited learning qualification. The scheme does not fund additional tickets and return to the UK Is only considered In extenuating circumstances.


Gran Canaria

This wonderful island offers a venue with similar temperature/weather all year round, giving less risk of weather-related cancellations. Being only 4.5 hours away from the UK it’s also relatively close and guarantees an easier way to go back home in case someone needs to return.


Yes, we do offer GCSE Maths and English.


Taster sessions with employer eg. 3 -4 hours horse riding school, farm, care home – practical work and activities.  Banana plantation (orange/lemons) picking and packing.  Team work, communication, motivation and team leading. Employer visits to complete mock Interviews. eg. ‘Jet To’ Airline (dependant on trip) employer visit to villa.  In the UK there will be the opportunity to work with DWP employers team and meet local employers.


In practice, teaching staff will undertake formal assessments of the participants within these settings, against the performance criteria set by the UK awarding body (OCN London).

Entry Level Employability accredited qualification – learning and assessment embedded whilst In Gran Canaria (developing confidence and self-awareness as well as employability).  Every person has an Individual personal development plan with employment and personal goals which is updated throughout the trip.



Need to be aged 19 on the 31st August 2022 and actively job seeking or on a low income.

Nevertheless, it is COMPULSORY to have either an up-to-date passport or an ID that allows you to apply for a passport.

Everyone will need to be enrolled on this programme to eligible for the Turing programme.

There will be specific age groups for each Individual trip.


Accommodation is a shared villa located on the North of the island where participants will share bedrooms and bathrooms and develop independent living skills as well as key employability skills such as communication, team work, work ethics, resilience , personal hygiene, budgeting, time management etc.


14-18 participants per trip to guarantee quality of the experience


  • – Work coach to fund travel to Eat That Frog premises whilst in the UK
  • – Travel to and from Gran Canaria
  • – Linguistic support (Basic Spanish lessons)
  • – Food/Drink & Accommodation whilst In Gran Canaria
  • – For those with Special Educational Needs (with an EHCP) it will fully fund any additional support costs
  • – There may be extra funding for those claiming universal credit or on a low household income (£17.5k or less) with care background, carers, refugee/asylum seeker) the scheme can pay for passports, clothes, cases, toiletries etc. There Is also a small daily monetary allowance (approx. 5 euros pay day)


  • – Achievement of personal goals (independence, social skills, self-development)
  • – Gain recognised qualifications
  • – Improved CV and cover letters reviewed based on experience
  • – Increase the number of interviews
  • – Learn how to take instructions
  • – Working knowledge of health and safety
  • – Build confidence, self-esteem
  • – Learn methods of communication
  • – Learn to work as a team
  • – Work experience abroad
  • – Learn a new language
  • – Greater chance of employment…!


  • Opportunity to try local Canarian food and cooking and preparing own food whilst staying  in self-catering accommodation.   Any dietary requirements will need to be advised before the trip.

    The costs of food and drink on the trip will be covered by Eat That Frog, but extra spending money can be taken if needed.  Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the villa to ensure the safety of everyone and keep risk-taking behaviour to a minimum.


There are a range of work-based activities to help develop skills and experience working with local employers based in Gran Canaria. There will be the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the island through activities such as visiting famous cultural landmarks and places of interest. There will also be the opportunity to enjoy local activities such as going to a water park, going out for meals, going to the beach, water sports and going go-karting.


A packing list will be provided.  Luggage will need to be the size of hand luggage (45x36x20 cm) to carry on the plane and an Eat That Frog backpack will be provided for your hand luggage.   Eat That frog also provide a branded hoodie, t-shirt and water bottle. Items include; swimwear, outfits for practical tasks, plug adapters and passport!  Eat That Frog will provide IT equipment needed for the programme. Toiletries are provided by Eat That Frog whilst staying in the villa and hair dryers, straighteners and an iron are available at the villa.


Eat That Frog have arranged a villa for the duration of the trip. The villa has everything needed for the trip– a pool, shared kitchen, communal living space, bathrooms, bedrooms and a terrace area to enjoy the Gran Canarian sunshine. Rooms will be shared and these will be single sex rooms only. Eat That Frog mentors will also be staying in the villa to make sure everything runs smoothly. 


The villa has WIFI which everyone has access to.

Eat That Frog do not provide access to a mobile phone.  Everyone will need to check their own mobile provider charges and coverage. The UK is not part of the EU any more, so charges may be at a premium rate for data usage.


There is a busy itinerary whilst in Gran Canaria but time has been scheduled in to relax and enjoy the trip in the evenings and every Sunday.


Eat That Frog arrange and book the airport transfer, which will pick up and drop off from one central location. Participants must arrange any travel needed to this location.


There are two vans in Gran Canaria that will be driven by Eat That Frog staff to travel around the island.


This trip is designed for adults and everyone is responsible for their behaviour.  Alcohol is not allowed in the villa and there will be local curfews in place at the villa. During the first week ground rules and expectations are agreed within the group.   


Eat That Frog have travel insurance in place to cover any medical support needed.  Staff are trained in first aid and relevant risk assessments are in place. There are 3 Spanish employees available for assistance and translation needed for medical assistance.


Referral by a work coach and completion of online form:

ETF – Turing Scheme | Pre-Travel Screening Form Survey (


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