Essential Skills

We’ve got several new virtual courses available for you to study and complete online as well as English, Maths & Digital Skills courses.

Maths and English at Eat That Frog is not just about sitting in a classroom learning formula – it is so much more than that! 

Learn how to understand IAG and the processes of making sure customers can gain the best IAG support.

To give you an understanding of the symptoms, causes and risk factors associated with Dementia.

Understanding the value and benefits of listening and responding to children and how to ask appropriate questions. 

Understanding the term mental health and techniques for managing this. 

We are now offering Entry Level – Level 2 Functional Skills for both English & Maths. 

  • Entry Level – Level 1 Essential Digital Skills
  • Entry Level – Level 2 Spreadsheets
  • Entry Level – Level 2 Word

These courses are a great way to boost your confidence while gaining a qualification which is a great addition to your CV!

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