This one week programme is ideal for anyone looking for work who may need a confidence boost and a refresher on their job seeking skills. 

During this programme you will be – 

  • Looking at local job opportunities
  • Applying for jobs
  • Updating your CV & Cover Letter

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, or monetising a hobby, then this is ideal for you!

The support from our experienced tutor and the opportunity to meet online with other local businesses could get you up and running in the right direction!

Including – 

  • Making business deals
  • Business planning
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Finance

PLUS – regular ‘business breakfasts’ giving you an opportunity to network with other local people starting their own businesses and hear from helpful guest speakers. 

This programme will help you set priorities and plan your life and your job searching for better results!

Week one – 

Ice breaking, assertiveness, team work

Group activity – budgeting, shopping, planning and upcycling!

Week two – 

Work ethics, time keeping, personal presentation, self respect, resilience and the opportunity to book in a haircut. 

Group activity: Treasure Trail!

Week three – 

All about your personal development plan & progression. Employability skills – CV’s, cover letters, interview skills and a final celebration! 

A one week programme offering you the opportunity to explore current kickstart opportunities and to give you the confidence, motivation and skills to apply for these opportunities. 

During this one week programme you will – 

  • Build confidence & self-esteem
  • Create a CV tailored to a kickstart role
  • Prepare for a recruitment interview

You will also have the opportunity to meet local employers who have kickstart opportunities available and have a mock interview with them. 

Lost your job or lost your way? This programme is ideal for anyone who is unemployed, has been made redundant on furlough or impact from Covid-19. 

Start your journey to a new career with this two week programme – 

Week one

  • Explore your options
  • Discover your own unique skills and how they could be adapted to different career choices
  • Get help finding local opportunities for employment

Week two

  • Revamp your CV
  • Work on job applications
  • Brush up on your interview skills
  • Mock interview

This brand new programme is designed to springboard you straight to success! A two week programme jam packed with fun filled activities for you to enjoy and build from. 

This programme is an ideal stepping stone to look at where you want to go in life while building valuable life skills at the same time. 

Activities may include – 

  • Paddle boarding
  • Splashdown Quaywest
  • Go Karting
  • Rock Climbing
  • Escape Rooms

and many more!

You will also find out more about other courses to progress onto and bring you one step closer to your future!