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Choosing a brighter future!

After lockdown, many people will be asking – what next? Our Career Choices programme could help them move onwards and upwards!

We’re all about building stronger communities, which is why we’ve worked so hard during lockdown, not only to ensure that local people in need can access food from our Community Kitchen, but also to make sure that learning and training opportunities can can still continue online.

We know this crisis will have really affected the economy in our local communities – with so many people in the South West relying on seasonal, hospitality and tourism employment, there could soon be thousands looking for alternative work. Despite the best efforts of employers, it may take a while for jobs to pick up in certain key sectors, but in the meantime, people still need to work and pay the bills!

This is where our new Career Choices programme comes in – it’s designed to help people look at the skills, experience and personal attributes they already have, and transfer them to a new area of work. There are employment opportunities out there – it’s a case of knowing where to look, and being flexible.  Our friendly tutors will guide you through the process, because we are here to help you – and all of our online courses are FREE of charge.

For more info, please give us a call on 01803-551551 or use the contact form on this website.

June 3rd 2020



Eat That Frog back on the road!

Nina Pierson is loving the new vehicle – it has lots of boot space for deliveries

In these uncertain times, you certainly find out who your friends are! 

We’ve had some amazing donations and help from people and companies around the Bay, but Renaissance Retirement have really come up trumps by loaning a vehicle to Eat That Frog after the car we were using to pick up food donations and deliver Meal Bags in the community broke down and could not be repaired. The loan vehicle ensures we can continue to support the Torbay-wide community and get the much-needed Meal Bags to the most vulnerable local people during the Coronavirus crisis.
The donation came about after Jane Branch, who works at Eat That Frog, put in a call to Renaissance Retirement seeking their help. Jane lives at Renaissance Retirement’s Fleur-de-Lis Paignton development, which is partly what inspired her to come up with the idea. The retirement developer set the wheels in motion and the vehicle was swiftly made available to enable the continuation of the preparation and delivery of Meal Bags. We cannot thank Rennaissance Retirement enough for their very generous support!
Marc Evans, Regional Managing Director at Renaissance Retirement says: “When we got the request from Jane, we didn’t hesitate to help out. The scale of the crisis is unprecedented, and we have been happy to support organisations like Eat That Frog and pull together for the benefit of local communities. Some of our owners at the development, who have needed it, are supported by Eat That Frog so it is a real community effort. I am delighted to know that the loan vehicle will now go towards supporting a wider community effort by Torbay Food Alliance, ensuring the most vulnerable in the community are supported. A really uplifting collaboration between commerce, a CIC and the local council, has emerged from this awful pandemic and Renaissance Retirement is delighted to assist.”

May 1st 2020


Volunteers at the ready!

Jack Outterside, Nina Pierson, Lucy McGorian, Jake Bolton at The Pad, Paignton

It’s been a busy week at Eat That Frog’s Community Kitchen – but our team have had extra help from some new recruits – volunteers Jack and Jake!

Both men are originally from Torbay and are currently serving in the RAF – but are temporarily back home on stand-by from their usual postings. They contacted Eat That Frog last week because they wanted to help out in the local community until they’re called back on active duty.
They’ve been absolute towers of strength helping out our Community Kitchen team, especially for chef Nina Pierson, who was relieved to have extra hands to look after meal preparation, bagging and home deliveries, as demand for prepared meals increases for the most vulnerable people in Torbay.
Pilot Officer Jack Outterside, usually stationed at RAF Honington in Suffolk, says he wants to help vulnerable people who do not have a voice – he’s also keen to reach out to any veterans in the area who may need support during this time.
His friend and colleague Jack Bolton is a Senior Aircraftsman, usually based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, and he told us he’s really keen to give something back for people in need in his home town.
We salute all our volunteers who are giving up their free time to support less fortunate people in the community – thank you so much for all your help!

April 2020

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