We are delighted to announce Eat That Frog has successfully retained the matrix Standard accreditation for the quality of our information, advice and guidance (IAG) service. IAG is central to the work we do – we aim to give everyone who comes to us a fair and impartial service to help them progress and achieve the very best outcome for them. The matrix Standard is important to us, because it is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

The assessor talked to our directors, staff, customers and partners over a period of several days, and we were thrilled to hear that we had passed with flying colours, with the assessor noting:

“As a result of this assessment, Eat That Frog C.I.C. has demonstrated that it continues to meet the requirements of the matrix Standard. Within this assessment it was clear that clients and learners feel very well supported by an IAG service focussed on their needs, hopes and interests, and the impact for many has been profound and life changing.”

The assessor highlighted particular areas of strength within Eat That Frog’s provision, including:

  • “exceptionally high focus on an impartial service which is tailored to meet individual client needs, helps to ensure a high level of satisfaction with the service.”
  • “very effective service delivery in terms of meeting objectives and outcomes.”
  • Clients “consistently valued the personal, non-judgmental approach where they feel listened to, and as a result very high numbers of learners successfully complete their courses, and high number of clients achieve multiple job related and social justice outcomes.”
  • “Leadership and management of the service is clear, highly effective and forward thinking.”

As part of the process, the Matrix assessor interviewed a number of Eat That Frog’s clients from the previous academic year. These customers were a mixture of young learners on bespoke programmes of study, clients from our employability courses who had been referred by JCP, clients on social justice programmes such as Multiple Barrier Support, or those receiving self-employment mentoring.  They were interviewed in confidence, on a 1:1 or group basis.

The assessor noted: “a clear strength of the company is in the way that clients are supported to meet their individual needs and to overcome their barriers, many of which are complex and multi- layered. Those clients interviewed consistently reported how much they valued the team’s approach, with quotes including:

“(My adviser’s) been a rock of support.”

“It’s helped me so much having someone who really listens to me.”

“They seem to harness potential in people.”

“They understand you more and try to make the environment better for you.”

“I had hit rock bottom, then I met (my adviser), she’s so empathetic but also very practical. I felt I could do something after just one visit.”

“I couldn’t see a way out but they just listen and they care – they don’t judge anyone.”


We also received very positive feedback from the business partners we work with and agencies that refer people to our services. Our directors have been strategic in seeking partners for joint working who are in line with our strategic aims, values and ethos. Those partners interviewed valued our working relationship:

“They are very upfront, honest and reliable”

“They work with disadvantaged people very very well”

“They’re very responsive and also willing to say no if something isn’t possible.”

“We value their professionalism and creativity in finding solutions”.

Staff were thrilled to hear this feedback  – emphasising the good work that they do everyday, and the positive outcomes that Eat That Frog aims to achieve for local communities.

For ore information about matrix – please click here.

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