Eat That Frog’s horticulture provision features in the
August/September issue of Reconnect magazine  – the good living and community guide for the South West.

There’s a lovely article about the pond our learners created earlier this year  and the wildlife that’s starting to thrive there!

Last term, our tutors Helen and Bill rehomed a colony of newts that were at risk of losing their pond. The newts have been settling in over the summer, along with a range of other creatures who are now taking advantage of the sheltered habitat created for wildlife in our area at Parkfield in Paignton.

Horticulture tutor Darren reports that the pond and wildlife area is bringing more species to the area – this picture shows a beautifully camouflaged Toad, who was occupying one of our planters and helping keep down pests in the vegetable patch. Apparently he’s one of about a dozen who have made themselves at home in our Parkfield garden. Over the next few months, we’ll be looking at more ways to encourage wildlife, such as bug hotels, toad houses and shelters for hedgehogs.

Learners are also researching new crops to plant over the winter – they’re especially keen on things to accompany a nice warming Sunday roast – such as potatoes, parsnips, carrots and cabbages. We have also harvested a bumper crop of deliciously colourful beetroot, as this picture shows… Autumn is definitely on it’s way!

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