Get Involved

Get Involved

We believe in collaborative working and are keen to establish key relationships within the business community for the benefit of our learners, our community and the companies we work with. There are many ways you can get involved – and help put value back into the local community.

Site Visits

Site visits offer an invaluable opportunity to enrich young peoples’ learning, raise their self esteem, increase their motivation and appetite for learning and raise levels of achievement in many aspects of their life and education. Organisations get to showcase what they do, potentially inspiring a learner to being a future employee. Other benefits are improving employer brand and your corporate social responsibility.

Work Experience

Work Experience can offer you the opportunity to inspire, engage and inform our clients, giving them the hands-on skills they need to secure employment within their chosen field.

This will help:
  • Raise your profile within the community and support your employer brand
  • Develop your employees by involving them in the placement – providing potential management opportunities can help employees feel motivated and loyal to the business.
  • Get additional help at no cost – as an employer, you do not have to pay for work experience.


We run numerous community projects throughout the year and there are a number of ways your organisation can get involved. We don’t expect something for nothing, so in return we will raise the profile of your organisation, not only within the immediate community but within our networks as well as being included on all advertising, marketing and press release.

Why not:
  • Sponsor one of our events.
  • Donate your skills, service or expertise.
  • Donate your time! Support us by attending relevant events.
  • Have your own ideas? Let us know.